* Rescue Abused Animals        * School Engagement

* Mobile Petting Zoo                 * Birthday Parties

* Pony & Horse Rides               * Healing Rides

* Nursing Homes & Veterans   * Fundraiser & PTSO's 

* Take in Unwanted Pets          * Co-ops/Home School

* Church Visits                          * Parks & Fairs

* Family Reunions/Gathering    * Grand Openings

     "Education thru Animals - Healing from the Heart"



We are first and foremost, a rescue facility that takes in abused, neglected and unwanted animals and restores them to full health.


We offer a completely mobile petting zoo which includes up to 18 different farm animals and offer Pony rides, Horse rides and a great time to share for your Birthday Party or family gathering, school, churches, assisted living, verterns home, or reunion. We can be used as a great “Attention Getter” or “Draw’ for businesses, grand openings or anniversaries. Come touch and learn about friendly animals.





Upgrading of rescue facility to provide the highest possible physical care and emotional support and love for these animals.


Enlargement of the current facility to handle more animals and a wider variety of animals.


Improving interactive program for schools


Programs for more therapeutic assistance to Autism, down syndrome, and veterans.


Creating online list of animals for adoption and of people looking to adopt them.



Donations to support the  general operations.


In-Kind donations of Items or Services.


Volunteer your time to take care of the animals, facility, work with children and help at events.


We love people who can donate their special services or skills to help the organization.


Start a scholarship fund in your name.


Bequest your estate so your legacy of love of animals lives on.


The mission of the 2nd Chance Ranch is to provide a safe and recuperative environment for abused, neglected, and unwanted animals. Once our trained staff have helped the animals recover, those animals that enjoy interaction with humans assist in educating the public about the organization, provide one-of-a-kind healing to people dealing with special issues, and bring uncondtional love and fun to children of all ages.

Check out our custom services, projects and ways you can help!. 

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Mathew Plank, Co-Organizer of Family Fun Fair​

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